All About The Census

Censuses are a valuable tool for genealogists and family historians looking to trace their family lineage and history. A census is a count of the population of a particular area or region taken at a specific point in time. Censuses are conducted regularly by governments around the world, and they collect a wide range of information about the individuals and families living in that area. The data collected in censuses can include names, ages, occupations, relationships, birthplaces, and more, providing a wealth of information that can be used to piece together family histories and genealogies. In this digital age, many censuses are now available online, making it easier than ever before to access this valuable resource and delve into your family’s past.

8 Reasons (and more…) Why Your Genealogy Research Needs Census Records

A census record can provide a lot of information about your ancestors and their place of origin. It is the best source for building a family tree and making any connections to distant relatives.