Tools & Tricks In Finding A Long-Lost Sibling

As I live in Canada I will write this blog for family historians researching their ancestral history. I have a cousin where she heard a story that her mother (deceased) had a child when she was young when she went to college. What tools are available to research online and offline? How do I findContinue reading “Tools & Tricks In Finding A Long-Lost Sibling”

“Breaking through Genealogy Research Barriers: Effective Strategies to Overcome Brick Walls”

Welcome back to ‘Discovering Your Past’, this blog is about hitting a brick wall in your research. “I told my sister she was adopted and she went to check our family tree. She couldn’t find her name on it, so I had to remind her that she was adopted from a different tree altogether!” So,Continue reading ““Breaking through Genealogy Research Barriers: Effective Strategies to Overcome Brick Walls””

27 Popular Genealogy Websites and What They Provide to Family Historians

Online genealogy websites are a powerful tool for individuals interested in exploring their ancestry and uncovering the story of their family’s history. These websites provide access to a wealth of historical records, family trees, and other information about one’s ancestors. With their convenience and accessibility, online genealogy websites have revolutionized the way people research and discover their family history.