22 Steps in Researching Your Family Tree

Discover genealogy and research your ancestral roots!

Are you starting your Genealogy journey? Have you begun your Family Tree? Have you ever wondered how many steps there are in researching your Family Tree, and what they are? Where do you start? Do you have detective skills and want to solve your families mysteries?

This e-book is for you, it lists the necessary steps required for new genealogists to help research and organize to keep better record-keeping for their Family Tree. It saves you time and a lot of frustration by following a set of steps. Stop guessing what steps you have to …

38 Family Tree Research Resources

Free Research Resources for ‘The Frugal Genealogist’

This ebook is the ideal companion and guide for new genealogists who are researching their Canadian ancestors. Anyone who wants to start a family tree and are on a tight budget can use these resources to get information on their ancestors for FREE.

Be the family detective and gather clues to your past getting information from Birth or Baptismal Certificates; Marriage Certificates; Death Certificates; Census Records; Ship’s Manifests or Logs; Military Records and more …

New Leaves

A Beginner’s Resource Guide in Discovering Your Ancestors – A World-Wide Resource with Over 1,500 Website Links

This book is the ideal companion for anyone starting out in researching their family tree. It provides advice and suggested website links for new genealogists or family historians to follow a step by step procedure. It also guides them in setting goals to achieve an organized and well maintained family tree to pass down to their descendants.

Other Books

Tormented By Ghosts: True Life Experiences

Written by Lynda Bogert

Do You Love Scary Paranormal Books? Mysterious, Tantalizing & Spine-chilling Encounters From the Other Side – Reading Tormented by Ghosts Will Make Your Skin Crawl & Blow Your Mind!

Get your copy of a newly released fast-selling paperback or e-book today from Lynda Bogert
Curl up on the couch by the fireplace, dim the lights if you dare! Be enticed into reading a horrifying book to send shivers down your spine and raise your hair. You won’t want to put the book down, you’ll want to read on to see what happens next!

Read about one woman’s supernatural encounters and hauntings being terrorized by ghosts. A book about one encounter after another that will leave you gasping for breath. Be aware, we are all surrounded by ethereal entities who are letting us know they are there!


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