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  • 7 Creative Strategies for Researching Your Family Tree
    Genealogy research can be both fascinating and challenging, especially when searching for long lost ancestors. It requires a combination of patience, persistence, and creativity. Fortunately, there are various strategies that can help in the process of tracing your family tree. In this article, we will explore seven creative research strategies to use when researching your family tree, including leveraging social media, searching for alternative name spellings, and DNA testing. We will also look at the benefits of digging into local history, joining genealogy societies, consulting with professional genealogists, and utilizing online resources.
  • Native American and Indigenous Peoples of Canada
    Indigenous peoples of North America have a rich and diverse cultural heritage that has been shaped by centuries of history and tradition. From the Plains tribes of North America to the Inuit of the Arctic, each group has its own unique customs, languages, and way of life. For those with Native American or Canadian Indigenous ancestry, researching their family’s history and heritage can be a rewarding and enlightening experience.

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