Report on Genealogy of the Past and the Future of Mankind

Genealogy, the study of our ancestral roots, has been an important aspect of human history for centuries. With advancements in technology, the field of genealogy has seen tremendous growth in recent years, providing new opportunities for researchers to uncover the secrets of our past. This thesis will delve into various aspects of genealogy and itsContinue reading “Report on Genealogy of the Past and the Future of Mankind”

8 Genealogy Charts and Sheets for Your Research

Working on your family tree you will need various charts and sheets to record and document your findings. Below is a partial list of various documents you may or may not need depending upon your genealogy goals that you have previously set. These charts and sheets can be found online (do a basic search onlineContinue reading “8 Genealogy Charts and Sheets for Your Research”

Finding Ancestors

Finding ancestors through city directories, land records, court & prison records, and immigration & naturalization records is an essential part of genealogy research. These records provide valuable information about your ancestors, including their names, addresses, occupations, and interactions with the legal system, and can provide valuable insights into your family history.