Family History Benefits Adolescents

Family History Benefits Adolescents

My thoughts on the article on “New BYU study shows one way adolescents can develop healthy identity and why it matters”. Study provides some empirical evidence that supports what Church leaders have long taught about participation in family history. By Rachel Sterzer Gibson 12 March 2023, 10:15 AM EDT

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A new study conducted by Brigham Young University has found that having knowledge of one’s family history can help adolescents develop a healthy sense of identity. The researchers surveyed almost 250 18- to 20-year-old students at seven universities in the US and found that individuals who had healthy identity development also had high levels of family history knowledge. The more youth knew about their parents and grandparents, the better. Specifically, the study found that family history knowledge is linked to healthy adolescent identity development. Adolescents who develop a healthy sense of identity are less likely to struggle later in life with family and individuality conflicts, says the lead researcher, Brian Hill.