One of the most notable features of is its vast collection of historical records. The website has a database of billions of records, including census records, immigration records, military records, and more. These records can provide valuable information about your ancestors, including their names, addresses, occupations, and more.

10 Most Popular Online Genealogy Websites

Online Genealogy websites can be a great resource for genealogy research, but it’s important to keep in mind that not all records are available on all websites, and some records may not be available online at all.

DNA Testing

Ancestry DNA Testing is a type of genetic genealogy that traces your ethnicity and geographic origins. Family Finder is a type of genetic genealogy that identifies relatives who are not part of your family tree.
Family Finder also known as Family Tree DNA is a genetic test that looks at your DNA to find out about recent family history. Family Finder can tell you where you come from on both sides of the family, and how closely related you are to other people in the world. It is designed to find relatives on any of your ancestral lines within the last five generations.