Complete Beginners Guide to Genealogy and How it Became a Popular Hobby in the Digital Age

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Introduction: What is Genealogy and Why is it Important?

Genealogy is the study of relations between individuals, tracing the natural human family tree. The word derives from Greek γενεαλογία (genealogia), which literally means “origin (γένεσις) of a race (γένος)”, “pedigree” or “descent”. Genealogy can also mean family history.

We are all related to each other in some way no matter how far back you go in your family tree. It is important because it provides an opportunity for insight into our cultural heritage and genetic ancestry.

What are the Best Websites to Discover Your Family’s History?

There are many ways to learn about your family history. A popular approach is through carefully studying family heirlooms, scrapbooks, and diaries. However, the internet also offers a number of different ways to learn more about your ancestry. For example, a quick search on or among others will yield a list of records that may help you track down relatives you’ve never met before!

Professional genealogists have many tools at their disposal when researching content for family trees. However, not all writing tools are the same and some better serve certain purposes than others. Below is a list of some common professional writing tools and their respective use case:

– Online Courses: Online courses are available for genealogy and provide your first steps in gathering and recording your family tree.

– Blogs: Reading blogs is a great way for someone who is just starting out in researching their family tree and is great way to gain knowledge as a family historian. Bloggers can create content based on what they are passionate about and pass on valuable genealogy tips.

What are the Best Apps for Discovering Your Family History & Genealogy?

We all want to know our roots, find our family history. And with the help of modern technology it’s easier than ever. There are plenty of apps including Family Tree Builder, Geni, and MyHeritage which can walk you through the whole process of genealogy.

Many online genealogy websites offer free app or program downloads to get you started.

I have compiled a list of the best apps for discovering your family history & genealogy that will not only help you find out more about your relatives but also create a rich family tree that you can display with pride.

Below is a short list for you to check out:

  1. – operating systems this excellent program can be installed on is Mac, Windows and Linux.
  2. – Ancestral Quest Basics version can be installed on a Mac and Windows.
  3. – Legacy 9.0 Standard Version can be installed on a Windows OS, and if you’re a Mac user you would need to contact them on how to run on your operating system.
  4. – The Essentials version can be installed on a Windows or a Mac OS.
  5. – another program that can be installed on a Mac, Windows and Linux OS’s.

These are all FREE genealogy programs where you can start your tree.

Online Genealogy Websites such as Ancestry and MyHeritage have excellent tools and resources for your research. One excellent tool that MyHeritage has is the Photo editing tools so that you have the option to colorize and enhance black and white photos. They also make it easy for you to find your ancestors. Let’s say your father’s mother’s brother’s son, for example; no matter if they are alive or not.

How to Dig Deep into Ancestral Research with the Help of Technology

Knowing about one’s family history is very important in this day and age. Ancestral research can help us find out more about our ancestors and what they did in their lifetime. With the help of technology, we can dig deep into ancestral research without having to spend so much time on it.

The following are some of the ways in which technology can be used for ancestral research:

– The use of search engines to look through various databases

– Using public records to get information on your ancestors

– Knowing how to use genealogy websites to get info on your ancestors

– Knowing how ancestry DNA tests work

Conclusion: Start Digging Into Your Family’s Roots Today With These Helpful Tips & Tools

Achieving your goal is only possible when you start with the right foundation so it is important to know where you come from. It can help you understand your cultural roots, your family history, where you are now and where you might be going in the future.

This article provides readers with some helpful tips and tools that will help them to start digging into their family’s roots today.

3 Tips & Tools for Researching Your Family Tree

In this post, I have compiled a list of 3 tips and tools for researching your family tree.

1. Ask relatives for help: Family members often have the most up-to-date information on the lineage of their family. They might know information that is not publicly available or have personal archives that you could access if they grant permission to use the archives in your research.

2. Search at a local library: Libraries may have local collections, as well as databases which can be accessed from their computers.

3. Use a search engine to find census records: You might find personal details about ancestors online through census records, birth and death certificates, or old newspapers articles which often feature obituaries and death notices from decades ago.

There are so many resources for researching your family tree online. You can do it yourself, or you can hire a genealogist to research the information for you.

“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.”

Alex Haley

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