Why You Should Create a Family Tree?

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My mother is your grandmother and my brother is your uncle.

Is this how you teach your kids about your families? How each of us relate to one another and who is the mother to whom?

Why not use a family tree with detailed information and properly cited on how we are connected to each other?

A family tree is not only exceptionally useful as a teaching tool for kids, but it gives us a whole new perspective in life too. Building a family tree can also be a fun lazy-Sunday-afternoon activity with the kids.

Building a family tree can be simple, depending on the kind of family tree you want to build. An elaborate one will take a much longer time, for example, if you want to cut out pieces of coloured paper and pasting them with pictures and short write-ups on the family member. Some people will just draw a family tree and colour portions of it into the family tree. Kids love it and even adults will enjoy this simple and calming activity.

Innovation and advancement in technology catches up with our needs too because there are family tree creators in the form of different online ancestry websites, software and computer programs that can help people create their family tree easily. Using software to create a family tree takes only minutes and can be coloured in and pasted over too. Using software or online genealogy programs to create a family tree is for people who are not keen on the paper, scissor, glue and goo concept of creating family trees. Don’t be surprised, there ARE people who are not too keen on getting down there with art papers sticking to their clothes! Kids can have fun creating family tree online too or with a software program. It depends on individual preferences, really.

A family tree is nothing more than a bunch of charts that links one person to another in a family. You can start from whichever ancestor you want when start your family tree but you should start with yourself then work back through time. For those who are interested in genealogy, you can go as far back as you want.

Creating a family tree that is in-depth will definitely require some investigation and detective work, such as interviewing of family members, and also lots of research.

If you can’t find your family members or are not in touch with them over some period of time, it may be a little bit more difficult to fill in the blanks in your family tree. However, with tools like www.ancestry.com, www.familysearch.com, www.rootsweb.com, and www.usgenweb.com, things are much easier than before.

So, go ahead and have some fun creating your family tree now!!


Published by Darrell Gibbs

A father of three children and five grandchildren who retired in 2015 and began a career as a non-fiction writer in genealogy resource ebooks for new family historians. Aspiring towards the future as a Historical Fiction Author of his premier book "Wessex Reign".

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