Step 19 – Re-evaluate your research

When researching your family tree, it’s essential to ensure that all the information you have gathered is accurate and reliable. This is where Step 19 comes in – Re-evaluating your research and ensuring everything is well documented with reference citations.

As you continue your research journey, it’s important to review and re-evaluate the information you’ve gathered regularly. This step involves organizing your research, reviewing its accuracy and consistency, and using reliable sources to ensure the information you have is correct. It’s also important to evaluate the source of the information, keeping track of all your sources and using reference citations in your notes.

Step 18 – Go to Locations Where Your Ancestors Came From

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk in the footsteps of your ancestors? To stand in the same place they stood, breathe the same air they breathed, and see the same sights they saw? For many of us, the answer is a resounding yes. We spend hours poring over historical records and family trees, trying to uncover the secrets of our family’s past. But there’s only so much we can learn from a computer screen or a book. That’s why Step 18 of your genealogical research is so exciting. It’s the moment when you get to pack your bags and travel to the town where your ancestors came from. Imagine exploring the streets, visiting the local library and town hall, and even trekking through the countryside where your ancestors once roamed. This step allows you to immerse yourself in your family’s history, to connect with your heritage in a way that simply isn’t possible from afar. So, let’s dive into Step 18 and discover the magic of visiting the town where your ancestors came from.

Step 17 – Check Cemetery Records

Finding Funeral Home Records

Step 16 in the Discovering Your Past blog series is all about checking out funeral home records. Funeral home records can be a valuable resource for genealogy researchers, as they often contain information about the deceased, their family members, and other details about their lives.

Funeral home records can include a variety of information, such as the date and location of the funeral, the name and address of the funeral home, the name and age of the deceased, the names of family members and other relatives, and the cause of death. In some cases, funeral home records may also include photographs, obituaries, and other documents…