Step 15 – Subscribe to a Free Newsletter or Blog

As you continue to research your family tree, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest genealogy news and research tips. One way to do this is by subscribing to a free newsletter or blog.

There are many newsletters and blogs that are specifically geared towards genealogy research, and subscribing to one (or several!) can provide you with valuable insights and information….

Step 14 – ‘Check Websites That Offer Historical or Genealogical Societies in The Area You Are Researching’

When it comes to family history research, historical and genealogical societies can be an invaluable resource. These organizations often have access to local records and information that may not be available elsewhere, making them a valuable tool in your research. Here are some tips for finding and utilizing historical and genealogical societies in the area you are researching…

Step 13 – ‘Research Online Newspaper Archives’

Newspapers are a treasure trove of information for family historians. They can provide details about your ancestors’ lives that you might not find anywhere else. Online newspaper archives have made it easier than ever before to access these valuable resources. Here’s how to research online newspaper archives to enhance your family history research…