Step 21 – Backup Your Personal or Online Files onto a USB Flash Drive

Welcome to our family tree research blog! Here, we provide helpful tips and information to help you discover more about your ancestors and build a comprehensive family tree. Whether you’re just starting out or have been researching for years, our blog offers insights to help you make progress in your genealogical journey.

In this post, we’ll be discussing the importance of backing up your personal or online files onto a USB flash drive. As you collect documents, photographs, and certificates about your ancestors, it’s crucial to safeguard these treasured keepsakes so they can be passed down to future generations. We’ll be exploring the benefits of backing up your files, the different backup options available, and how to properly label and store your files.

Join us as we dive into this important aspect of family tree research and discover how you can ensure your family’s memories are preserved for years to come.

Step 20 – Creating Record Sheets and Pedigree Charts

Welcome to Step 20 of your genealogical journey. As you progress in your research, you will begin to accumulate a wealth of information on your family members. It can become difficult to keep track of everything, especially if you have a large family tree. This is where family tree record sheets and pedigree charts come in handy. By creating these tools, you can organize your research in a way that is easy to read and understand. In this step, we will explore the benefits of using family tree record sheets and pedigree charts, as well as tips and strategies to help you create accurate and comprehensive records. So, let’s get started!

Step 19 – Re-evaluate your research

When researching your family tree, it’s essential to ensure that all the information you have gathered is accurate and reliable. This is where Step 19 comes in – Re-evaluating your research and ensuring everything is well documented with reference citations.

As you continue your research journey, it’s important to review and re-evaluate the information you’ve gathered regularly. This step involves organizing your research, reviewing its accuracy and consistency, and using reliable sources to ensure the information you have is correct. It’s also important to evaluate the source of the information, keeping track of all your sources and using reference citations in your notes.