Charts and Sheets Part 1 of 2

‘Pedigree Chart’, it displays the people you are directly descended from. Sometimes the form can be called the ‘Ancestor Chart’, the Pedigree Chart covers the basics of your written records, it’s your starting point.

22 Steps Podcast

A genealogy podcast for new genealogists to learn the necessary steps and research tools to be a proficient family historian. Learning new ways to research your ancestors is always fun in discovering new information. Let us travel back into time and see where you came from, so let’s get started… Episodes are Available on PODBEAN, ITUNES, SPOTIFY, TUNEIN EPISODEContinue reading “22 Steps Podcast”

Complete Beginners Guide to Genealogy and How it Became a Popular Hobby in the Digital Age

We are all related to each other in some way no matter how far back you go in your family tree. It is important because it provides an opportunity for insight into our cultural heritage and genetic ancestry.