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Welcome, hoping you find the answers to your genealogy queries. If you are looking for a story that will deliver novelty, pique your interest and add value to your life, then you’ve come to the right place.

As a family historian, I know how challenging it can be to find a correct citation and reference you are looking for in your family tree research. I’ve written some great genealogy reference books that’ll give you awesome free and paid research resources to help you in discovering who you are. The resources I provide you with will enable you to search for your ancestors to find the answers you seek. Genealogy is addictive and I guarantee you’ll be in for a wild ride and a journey into your past.

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Your thirst to discover more about your ancestors will take you on a journey into the past. Your detective skills will lead you to places you never thought imaginable. You’ll experience laughs, surprise, sadness, suspense and believe it or not you will probably become emotionally attached to ancestors you wished you had met and known. My genealogy resource and reference books are suitable for all levels of genealogists but is geared more towards beginners. The books are packed with free and paid resources that will effectively transport you to a superb new world of discovery so you can create an awesome family tree. Get started and create the family tree you always dreamed of and then share it with your family and future generations.

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8 Reasons (and more…) Why Your Genealogy Research Needs Census Records

A census record can provide a lot of information about your ancestors and their place of origin. It is the best source for building a family tree and making any connections to distant relatives.

Using Genealogy Research Sheets To Help You Track Your Family History

Using the Genealogy Research Sheet, researchers can create an organized and detailed checklist of all the information they have found. The sheet should include all possible sources for this information such as census records, vital records, oral history interviews, and any other items that were found during research.

Charts and Sheets Part 2 of 2

Family Group Sheets are primarily used to summarize vital information about families. This sheet is for recording family units displaying information about the parents and children. The sheets and records will also show birth, marriage and death information, additional spouses, names of husband’s and wife’s parents, information about the children and their spouse.

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