A Beginner’s Resource Guide in Discovering Your Ancestors


This book is the ideal companion for anyone starting out in researching their family tree. It provides advice and suggested website links for new genealogists or family historians to follow a step by step procedure. It also guides them in setting goals to achieve an organized and well maintained family tree to pass down to their descendants.


The book is comprised of over thirty chapters with over 1,500 website links, as to why and how do I start my family tree; starting my family tree and discovering my ancestors; using a suggested standalone or online genealogy program; using website links for world-wide resources; finding documents for ancestors and properly citing the primary sources onto a Family Record Sheet, Research Log, Pedigree Chart and other forms; and joining a genealogical society and utilizing the expertise of professional genealogists to gain advanced knowledge, tips and skills to effectively complete a genealogical family record or tree ‘the right way’.


Throughout this book there will be valuable resources for the new genealogist to start their trees. “New Leaves” is like having a desktop companion at their side for immediate reference to guide them on their journey.


Start your family tree today and keep this ebook close when you are doing your research.


Create and leave a legacy to your family and future descendants.


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New Leaves

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