Free Research Resources for ‘The Frugal Genealogist’

This ebook is the ideal companion and guide for new genealogists who are researching their Canadian ancestors. Anyone who wants to start a family tree and are on a tight budget can use these resources to get information on their ancestors for FREE.


Be the family detective and gather clues to your past getting information from Birth or Baptismal Certificates; Marriage Certificates; Death Certificates; Census Records; Ship’s Manifests or Logs; Military Records and more.


Using these FREE resources is a must have for anyone beginning their genealogical journey in the past to find out who they are and where they came from.


Keep a research log or database when you are doing your research and record the websites that you feel will be of greatest value.


Start your family tree today and keep this ebook close by when you are doing your research. 


Create and leave a legacy to your future generations.


Download your copy of ’38 Family Tree Research Resources’ today on Amazon.com to get started.








Remember that the resources are FREE and you can begin your family tree if you want to be ‘The Frugal Genealogist’ in your family.

38 Family Tree Research Resources

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