Are you starting your Genealogy journey? Have you begun your Family Tree? Have you ever wondered how many steps there are in researching your Family Tree, and what they are? Where do you start? Do you have detective skills and want to solve your families mysteries?


This e-book is for you, it lists the necessary steps required for new genealogists to help research and organize to keep better record-keeping for their Family Tree. It saves you time and a lot of frustration by following a set of steps. Stop guessing what steps you have to take. 


Set goals and reach your objectives following the ’22 Steps in Researching Your Family Tree’. Trace your ancestral lineage back generations. 


Within this packed resource is a lot of information for you to reach your goals and before you know it, you will be well on your way to having a neatly organized Family Tree to share with all of your family. Leave a legacy for future generations so they know where they came from.


Researching and finding out about your family’s history can be very exciting. Most importantly you have to document what you discover. This e-book is the perfect companion for new genealogists researching their family tree. The ’22 Steps’ will guide you through each step with links to help you search for your ancestors.

Get your research in order and create a Family Tree that you will be proud of. 


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22 Steps in Researching Your Family Tree